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Our Services

Direct Hire

 We assist in the recruitment and hiring process, when a employer is seeking candidates to fill permanent positions in their company. The talent is employed by the client. The client will be responsible for finders fee. 


A hybrid of temporary and direct hire, contract-to-hire is a way for clients and talent to test the waters. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to the company and see if the culture is a good fit. The candidate is employed by PRN Healthcare Staffing, LC.

Temp Staff

Temporary employment is an ideal solution for unpredictable workloads, project work, seasonal peaks, and other limited-term needs, such as a leave of absence. Temp positions typically have a set timeframe. Through all assignments, the talent is employed by PRN Healthcare Staffing, LC.

Biometric Screeners

We provide staff for flu clinics, covid19 testing centers, covid19 vaccine centers, employee wellness programs, community outreach, health fairs, football camps, and sports events. Our biometric screeners take advantage of these "teachable moments" by providing a quick snapshot of each participant's risk factors.  Screeners measure BMI , blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. The purpose is to give you information that might indicate risk factors for certain chronic conditions such as

 for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Remote Billing and Coding Services

PRN Healthcare offer remote third party medical billing services. We also offer progress note amendment and correction. We also help with outstanding chart notes  that lack proper charting measures for billing purposes. We have the knowledge and skill needed to get claims accepted by the clearinghouse.

TeleMedicine Assistant

Teletech services bridges the gap in telehealth by providing the standard tests in the home of the patients. This is especially beneficial for remote chronic care management in rural areas as well as adhering to the need of social distancing amongst our elderly community without watering down the patient-doctor relationship.

Chronic Care Management

 The goal of chronic care management is to help patients achieve a better quality of life through continuous care and management of their conditions. Services are generally telephonic and between routine visits. Services are provided to Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple chronic conditions expected to last 12 months or longer. This program increases revenue for the medical practice without adding additional expenses.

Mobile Phlebotomy

 Phlebotomy professionals schedule  “house calls” and follows safety protocols to draw blood from a patient in their home. This great for patients who are unable to leave their homes or get to traditional labs. We are contracted with several laboratory companies.

CPR Training

PRN Healthcare is certified through the American Heart Association as well as Grand Strand Hospital. We teach First aid, AED, Adult/Infant BLS, healthcare providers,  and family/friends class. We offer same day certification and temporary cards. We have flexible class times. We offer mobile phlebotomy to companies. The price is $65.00 including materials. 

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