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PRN Healthcare Staffing, LC - the leading provider of healthcare professionals in the area for employment, health and wellness.

Our Mission

We anticipate and understand the needs of the healthcare industry in our community. Therefore, we embrace challenges and overcome obstacles to provide high quality support in a environment that may be faced with workforce shortages. It is our mission to  provide the best qualified talent to our clients to ensure success and longevity in the workplace.  We will be a part of the solution in our disadvantage communities where people are struggling with employment, health, and wellness. We are dedicated to building healthier and stronger communities by bridging the gaps between job seeker and businesses as well as being a resource in our community.

At PRN Healthcare Staffing, LC, we do what it takes to accomplish our goals. Our dedicated, experienced team incorporates innovative ideas and successful strategies to ensure that we find the best talent for our clients. In regards to the health and wellness scope, we will continue to be proactive, welcoming discussions about warning signs and risks of potentially fatal chronic illnesses. We will promote positive change in the health of individuals and communities. We will help people as a whole, adhering to the most crucial areas in life : employment, health and wellness. 

Our Commitment


We at PRN Healthcare Staffing hope to become a vital asset in our community by providing  resources for the most important aspects which are employment , health and wellness. It is our hope that by helping people secure jobs, it will add value to their lives. In addition, we believe that by helping businesses find suitable and loyal employees that it builds stronger communities. We believe by empowering people to take the simple steps toward better health can change lives, lead to more effective use of healthcare resources, and ultimately improve the economic health of the nation. We envision that our company can help people as a whole. 

Our History 

Since 2012, we have been connecting great people with amazing employment opportunities as well as providing qualified candidates for our clients.  We started providing staff for health fairs in at-risk, disadvantaged  and rural communities. These communities have elevated hospital emergency room visits for chronic care disease, elevated numbers of home foreclosure, and elevated unemployment numbers. 


We saw a need to educate and empower people so that they would make significant changes that would make a positive impact within their quality of living, extend their lives, and introduce people to resources that would help them with their struggles. At the health fairs, we take advantage of every "teachable moment" by providing point-of care labs that gives us a "quick snapshot" of each participant’s risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.


Eventually, we started providing healthcare professionals for health screenings in other community awareness events such as mental health awareness, breast cancer awareness, domestic violence awareness, women's health awareness, teen summits, football camps, local orphanages and group homes. 

Several years later, we expanded our services to provide staff for direct hire, temp to hire, remote human resources and telehealth assistant. We help build stronger communities by providing reliable employees and connecting candidates with employment. PRN provides clinical and clerical support to the following states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.



All I've ever wanted to do is help people in need on a greater scale. It is with great passion  that I help in all aspects of their life- helping people as a whole is essential to individual personal development and the foundation to strong communities. I feel tremendously blessed that my career, passion and purpose are all aligned.

Tonya M.


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